ZRS Releases 2013 Israel/Palestine Poll

This poll was presented by ZRS (Zogby Research Services) at the 2013 Sir Bani Yas Forum, and it is the basis for the new book 20 Years After Oslo by Dr. James Zogby.  

As Israelis and Palestinians look back at the 20 years that have elapsed since their leaders signed the Oslo Accords in Washington, there are areas where their perceptions sharply differ, others in which they find agreement, and a few areas where the attitudes of both communities are somewhat conflicted.

From the results of this poll, it is clear that the past 20 years have taken a toll on the confidence both Palestinians and Israelis have in the peace process that began with the 1993 signing of the Oslo Accords, and the trust each side has in the other’s commitment to peace. Both sides admit that many of their own actions have contributed to creating this negative environment. This may be one of the most positive signs emerging from the results of this poll.