Week in Review: Taking Its Toll

Last week, Zogby Research Services (ZRS) made available its latest public opinion poll, “Israel and Palestine: 20 Years After Oslo,” first presented at the Sir Bani as forum, and the foundation for the new book 20 Years After Oslo. This poll showed the degradation of trust between Israelis and Palestinians over the last two decades of peace talks and politicking.

In his latest piece for the Huffington Post, “This Time Must Be Different,” Dr. James Zogby analyzes the results of the poll and sets up expectations for negotiations to come. In his own words:

“From the results of this poll, it is clear that the past 20 years have taken a toll on both Palestinians and Israelis. The leaders engaged in the current round of peace talks, therefore, must not only wrestle with the issues of maps, rights, and each other's security concerns, they also face an additional challenge. They must produce an agreement that will be accepted by their publics, and they must be able to convince their constituents that this effort will be different than what both sides now view as the failed Oslo process.”

-Dr. James Zogby

A roundup of news regarding and referencing this latest ZRS poll can be found below: