Week in Review: "Complex and Nuanced"

Last week, the release of Zogby Research Services’ (ZRS) newest survey, “Egyptian Attitudes: September, 2013,” had the media drawing differing conclusions about the poll’s findings. Made available at a time when Egyptian unrest is on the rise, the survey showed the increasingly polarized nature of the country’s political climate.

Over the weekend, Dr. Zogby sought to quiet the uproar with his most recent piece for the Huffington Post, “Using and Abusing Polls.” According to Dr. Zogby: 

Egyptian Attitudes: Divided and Polarized”. Since then, I have seen news stories, commentaries, and tweets implying that our findings have good news for the Muslim Brotherhood, bad news for the military and surprising news about the US, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE. In fact, if the results of the poll are looked at objectively, the results are far more complex and nuanced.
— Dr. James Zogby, "Using and Abusing Polls"

A roundup of news regarding and referencing the latest ZRS Egypt Poll can be found below: