ZRS Releases September 2013 Iran Poll

First presented by ZRS (Zogby Research Services) at the 2013 Sir Bani Yas Forum, this poll represents the third nationwide survey of Iranian public opinion since Hassan Rouhani took office as president of Iran.

On August 3, 2013, Hassan Rouhani took office as president of Iran. Shortly thereafter, from August 26 to September 22, 2013, we surveyed 1,205 adults across Iran in an effort to better understand the Iranian public’s attitude toward their newly elected president—and how the views of those who supported Rouhani differ from those who opposed his election. We also wanted to learn: how Iranians rank their political priorities; their confidence in the Rouhani government’s commitment to addressing these priorities; their attitudes toward Iran’s foreign policy in the Arab World; and how they view their country’s nuclear program.